Coolant leak: 04-B

- Come on Steve! One night is all I'm asking for! It is not like I'm begging you for money or anything!
- Technically You do. Me standing in for you at your "job" and you getting paid is like me giving you money, ain't it? What the hell are they keeping here anyways?
- Hell if I know! They do not ask me about my encounters with law enforcement and I do not ask what's in the freezers. They even gave ME a gun! Come on man, what's the worst that could happen? There is not a single living soul in the whole building. All you have to do is sit, chill and look at that monitor. It actually never shows any messages, just blinks every five minutes or so. I am not even sure it's not broken. I've been here for six weeks now. Nothing ever happens here.
- Well... Okay, I guess...